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Product Brochure

Product Brochure

Read about what makes UroCure’s ArcTV ™Transvaginal Sling System the treatment of choice for physicians performing surgery to address stress urinary incontinence in women.

Product Review for Value Analysis Committees

Product Review for Value Analysis Committees

Find key documents for your institution’s value analysis committee related to UroCure’s ArcTV sling—an introduction to UroCure, a product overview of the sling, the 510(k) clearance letter, the instructions for use and a 2020 reimbursement guide for female stress incontinence.

Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use (IFU)

The IFU should be reviewed in its entirety by the physician-user before performing the procedure. Learn specifics about the indications for use; pre-procedures warnings, precautions, and adverse events; and overview of the ArcTV sling and procedural steps; and post-operative care.

UroCure Patient Device Card

Patient Device Card

UroCure is the first sling manufacturer to include a patient device card with each sling. The card is provided to the patient during recovery following sling surgery. View here. Contact UroCure Customer Service for a wallet-sized card(s) at (612) 466-0117 or

UroCure 510(k) Clearance Letter

510(k) Clearance Letter

Read the regulatory document provided by the US Food and Drug Administration clearing the UroCure’s ArcTV Transvaginal Sling System for sale.

Reimbursement Guide

2021 Reimbursement Guide

Review the coding and applicable reimbursement rates for a sling procedure.