“The sheath surrounding the sling is soft and supple and that helps with sheath removal. In my opinion, it’s the best on the market.”

The new Patient Device Card is a welcome innovation: patients appreciate knowing what device is going into their bodies.”

The stabilizing suture is a unique feature. It gives me added confidence that the sling will maintain its shape under the urethra.”

“The ArcTO—formerly Monarc— incorporates a unique helix needle design that gives me the guided tactile feel necessary to safely implant my slings.”

“In my opinion, the ArcSP— like its predecessor SPARC—is best-in-class in my urology practice!

“Our institution requires a preferred sling vendor that can accommodate a broad spectrum of surgical needs. UroCure’s suite of sling options—ArcTV, ArcSP and ArcTO— meets the needs of our group, and more importantly, those of our patients.”

These are products I can trust. I’ve used many sling systems, and in my opinion, the former AMS—now UroCure—handle/needle design gives me the control I need throughout needle passage.”