Our patient-centered approach leads to positive outcomes for women suffering from stress urinary incontinence (SUI).

Drawing on the experience of women themselves and the physicians who care for them, we introduce the next generation of leading-edge sling solutions. Based on the gold-standard midurethral slings from American Medical Systems (AMS), each of our sling systems accommodates a preferred surgical technique—bottom-up, top-down, or outside-in—and incorporates UroCure’s innovative laser-cut sling with integrated suture.

UroCure Products
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Quality and Safety Oversight

We will earn your trust. We have impaneled a Board of urogynocologists and urologists to provide guidance around UroCure’s processes and products. Their oversight ensures our company will remain focused on our key mission: to improve the quality of life for women suffering from stress urinary incontinence.
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Ongoing Feedback

We listen to you. We are working with physicians to gather ongoing feedback, reinforcing our efforts to be responsive to patient needs, and provide transparency throughout the process.
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Patient Device Card

We are patient-focused. UroCure is the first sling company to include a patient device card with each product. As part of our commitment to transparency, we want each patient to have as much information as possible about the implanted device.

First Shipments of Two New UroCure Products

Company release issued April 18, 2023

UroCure and LiNA Medical USA are pleased to announce the first shipments of two new products in UroCure’s portfolio of surgical solutions for female stress urinary incontinence: the ArcSP suprapubic sling system and the ArcTO transobturator sling system.