UroCure® is a new company with a radical approach: listening. We listen to women and their doctors about what works best for them.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life for women suffering from stress urinary incontinence (SUI).

UroCure is committed to a patient-centered approach, drawing on the experience of women themselves and the physicians who care for them. We marry the gold-standard treatment for SUI—the highly-successful mesh midurethral sling design created by Dr. David Staskin for American Medical Systems (AMS)—with transparency and accountability: impaneling a quality and safety oversight board that monitors outcomes, and creating a clinical data registry that gathers physician and patient input. In placing an emphasis on evidence-based learning and positive outcomes, UroCure is setting a new path forward in women’s health.

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Experts at Launch

We are setting a high bar.We are launching our new product, the ArcTV® sling, in fifty recognized medical centers and hospitals with physicians highly experienced in treating female incontinence, and providing requisite product training to all physicians implanting our sling.
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A Patient Registry

We are patient-focused.UroCure is partnering with the American Urogynecological Society (AUGS) to track patient outcomes using the ACQUIRE Registry. Consistent with the design of the registry, physicians and their patients will be asked to provide updates on their progress.
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Physician Oversight

We will earn your trust. UroCure has set up a Quality and Safety Oversight Committee (QSOC) of leading academic physicians that will monitor patient outcomes and provide guidance to UroCure’s activities moving forward.

UroCure and LiNA Medical: A New Partnership

Press Release issued September 22, 2021

UroCure and LiNA Medica USA come together to announce a strategic sales distribution and product development partnership that leverages the strengths of both companies.