Instructions for Use (IFU)

Download the IFU1 for the ArcTV sling. UroCure provides online access to our IFU as an alternative to printed documents.

UroCure recommends that physicians read and understand the contents of this IFU including indications, general warnings and precautions and directions for use. UroCure also recommends that physicians incorporate the contents of the IFU in their discussion and consent for the procedure with their patients.2

Printed paper copies of the IFU are available at no additional cost. Please contact UroCure by phone or email to request a copy: (612) 466-0117 or

1 UroCure’s IFU for the ArcTV sling is available in a PDF format. In order to view the pdf, users can download Adobe® Acrobat Reader® here.

2 We may revise the IFU from time to time, so please refer to this web page for the most current version at the time ofthe procedure.