How We Stand Apart

How We Stand Apart

Patient outcomes are critical to our design process: What was the surgical experience? How did the patient do? What can we improve? In order to answer these questions, UroCure introduced three key innovations, the first sling company to do so:

Quality and Oversight

From its inception, UroCure has been committed to achieving excellent patient outcomes. As part of that commitment, we established our Quality and Safety Oversight Committee (QSOC)—the first of its kind in the medical device industry—comprised of leading academic physicians who monitor patient outcomes and provide guidance to UroCure’s work moving forward. This team of physicians—representing top academic institutions nationwide, and notable in the fields of women’s urology and urogynecology—gather to review procedures, offer insight from their perspectives as practicing surgeons, and work with UroCure’s leadership to keep a focus on patients’ needs.

Ongoing Feedback

UroCure is the first sling company to implement two distinct approaches to gathering ongoing feedback about our slings:

  • During or immediately following a surgical procedure: We print a QR code on all of our product packaging that enables surgeons and operation room nurses to send us contemporaneous feedback about any issues that arise during the sling procedure.
  • Several months later: We follow up by sending surgeons a regular survey requesting feedback on how their patients are doing, and how the slings have performed over time.
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Patient Device Card

UroCure is also the first sling company to include a patient device card with each product. We take seriously our promise to improve the quality of life for patients using our products, and part of that promise includes being as transparent as possible.

A patient receives her card following surgery, while she is still in the recovery room. This card provides the information she needs about the device implanted in her body—product name, sling type, lot number, date of implantation, surgeon, and hospital—as well as a way to contact the company if she wants to share feedback or report an issue.

Patient Device Cards