UroCure and LiNA Medical: A New Partnership

September 21, 2021

Today, UroCure—developer of the ArcTV® sling treatment for female stress urinary incontinence—and LiNA Medical USA—specializing in minimally-invasive medical devices in the fields of urology and gynecology—announce a strategic sales distribution partnership. This combined distribution and product development collaboration leverages the strengths of both companies, pairing the ArcTV sling from UroCure and their expanding portfolio dedicated to women’s health with LiNA’s US national sales force and device solutions that bring specific focus in urogynecology and female urology.

In addition, LiNA Medical is partnering with UroCure to develop a full range of surgical solutions for female stress incontinence. UroCure’s initial product—the ArcTV sling—is a medical device designed to mitigate the effects of stress urinary incontinence in women. Developed in collaboration with leading surgeons, the ArcTV sling incorporates features of the popular retropubic sling patented by Dr. David Staskin for American Medical Systems (AMS) in the early 2000s.

From Lars Melbye, President of LiNA Medical USA:
We are committed to providing the best solutions in women’s pelvic health. This partnership with UroCure to distribute and expand the ArcTV sling and UroCure’s unique sling technology capabilities reinforces our dedication to quality solutions for women. I’m delighted for our sales team, physicians, and hospital partners to grow and advance the UroCure product offering to meet the market’s clinical and value needs.

From John Nealon, President & CEO of UroCure:
We have known LiNA for years as a trusted partner and company dedicated to solutions in our shared space. This partnership is a collaboration of strengths: LiNA’s leading sales force and their focused women’s health device solutions paired with investment in UroCure’s product development capabilities capitalizes on what makes each company excel in the marketplace. I’m very excited to partner with LiNA since we share the same principles of transparency, and delivering quality clinical outcomes benefiting patients and stakeholders alike.

For more information about today’s announcement and the ArcTV sling, please contact LiNA Medical at or UroCure at

About LiNA Medical USA
LiNA Medical USA specializes in selling innovative, minimally invasive devices in the fields of gynecology and urology. The company is dedicated to partnering with organizations that offer related products that improve the lives of patients and the healthcare professionals that treat them. For more information, visit:

About UroCure
UroCure is committed to improving the quality of life for women suffering from stress urinary incontinence (SUI). Founded in May 2017 by John Nealon and Dr. David Staskin, UroCure introduced the ArcTV sling system, and a business model designed to ensure that patient and physician feedback is collected and leads to positive patient outcomes over time. At its core, UroCure is a patient-centered company devoted to high-quality medical solutions for women.