Transition to Ongoing Data Collection

March 2022

As a result of AUGS’ decision to sunset its ACQUIRE registry, UroCure is introducing new data collection
methods that allow physicians or operating room nurses to provide feedback directly to the company.
UroCure is the first sling company to implement these innovations.

UroCure’s proactive, text-based reporting system—a survey administered at regular intervals—reflects a
commitment to transparency and to positive patient outcomes: by making it easy for physicians to report
their experience with UroCure slings and any complications that arise during surgery or afterwards, we
ensure our company maintains its patient-centered focus.

In addition to the survey, every UroCure sling is now being shipped with a QR code on the outside label:
healthcare providers can scan this code, answer a brief set of questions on their experience with the
UroCure sling in the operating room, and send that feedback directly to the company.